Type of Lumber: Underlayment

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Underlayment is the wood that is underneath your finished floor. Flooring has many different layers, starting with joists at the bottom, then the sub floor, then the underlayment and finally, the finished floor on top, such as hardwood, tile, laminate.

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Underlayment is easy to install whether you choose to glue, staple or nail it down. While underlayment is not always required, it offers many benefits that home builders and contractors take advantage of for remodeling or new construction work. Underlayment is especially useful for laminate or engineered wood flooring. Generally, the best type of underlayment is plywood because it’s smooth enough for even a thin vinyl floor.

Benefits Of Underlayment

  • Gives a smoother surface for the finished flooring
  • Provides sound absorption
  • Gives flooring better stability
  • Protects floor from harmful moisture
  • Provides thermal insulation

Types of lumber typically used for underlayment:

  • Plywood
  • OSB
  • Underlayment panels
  • Foam and cork
  • Cement board

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