Brands of Decks


We carry many different brands of decks that have many different benefits. We can discuss the advantages of every brand and how different decks are better at meeting different needs. All of our brands provide very high quality decks.


Types of Decks

a patio deck

Whether you are looking for a natural cedar deck or a composite deck made from recycled materials. Lampert Lumber has exactly what you are looking for. All of our decks are the perfect combination of beauty and durability.


Our Deck Selection

When it comes to improving the outdoors, nothing can make a bigger difference than adding a deck. Adding a deck to a home or commercial space can create a whole new outdoor living space that is perfect for barbeques, parties, and other outdoor activities. A deck can completely transform the outdoor space, adding beauty and usability.

Let’s Get Started!

Lampert can help you design a great deck that can go with your home or commercial space. Ask us how we can help you with creating your commercial space and how we can assist designing your deck. Take a look at all of the brands that offer many different kinds of decks.

Lampert Lumber’s experts have years of experience of working with homeowners and contractors to help them improve outdoor space. We know everything about our different brands and the materials that create the decks themselves. We can discuss durability, strength, and aesthetics. When you are looking for an impressive deck, come into Lampert Lumber to see all of the options that we have to offer.


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