Brands of Lumber


Lampert Lumber carries all of the best brands of lumber. All of our brands are dedicated to providing high quality lumber and wood products. Take a look at the many brands of lumber that we are proud to offer at our locations.


Types of Lumber


Whether you are looking for different species such as Pine, Cherry, Douglas Fir, or Poplar, or you are looking for a variety of engineered wood products such as LVL, particleboard, or hardboard, we have what you need.


Our Lumber Yards

Lampert Lumber originated as a lumber yard in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota over 100 years ago. We have grown to the great company that we are today because of that same dedication to providing excellent lumber and wood products. Our great, knowledgeable experts have a firm understanding of all of the brands and types of lumber that we provide. Most of our brands use sustainable forestry and are trying to find the best ways to help the environment. Lampert Lumber offers a wide selection of the best types of lumber that are currently on the market.

Expert Home Improvement Advice

We have worked on countless projects with contractors and homeowners on commercial and residential construction. We make sure that they have the best kind of wood for their needs. We can provide almost any kind of wood that you could need. When you are getting started on construction for a building or any kind of home improvement, get a quote for all of your wood and lumber from Lampert Lumber’s experts.


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