Brands of Insulation


Lampert Lumber carries the best brands of insulation. Lampert Lumber is dedicated to using sustainable resources and finding more ecological ways for homes to be even more energy efficient.


Types of Insulation

Builder Fitting Insulation Into Roof Of New Home

Some kinds of insulation are better for a project than other types of insulation. We carry BeadBoard, Cellulose, Fiberglass, Foil faced, and Rigid Foam. Discuss the plans for your building and your main priorities with our experts.


Our Insulation Selection

During the cold winters in the Midwest, having good insulation in any residential or commercial building is a necessity. Insulation keeps buildings warm, and it also reduces energy waste. It prevents warm air from escaping from the house, so the heater will not need to constantly going at a high temperature to keep the building warm. Insulation is also necessary during the summer. Insulation keeps the home or building cool when it is hot outside. This means that the air conditioning does not need to be constantly going at all times and wasting energy. This fact makes insulation extremely helpful during those unbearable, humid heat waves.

Lampert Lumber carries a variety of different kinds of insulation. If you are interested in our selection of insulation, talk to our experts about the best options for your insulation needs. We can help you find insulation for any residential or commercial building. Ask us any questions you may have about our insulation We are always happy to advise you on the best kind of insulation for your building.


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