Gypsum Board

Brands of Gypsum Board


Lampert Lumber offers National Gypsum, one of the leading brands of gypsum board. See how we can provide gypsum board for you.


Types of Gypsum Board

Room with gypsum board in it

Lampert Lumber carries both cement and fire rated gypsum board. We can make sure you have the best materials for the job.


Our Gypsum Board Selection

Gypsum board helps reduce sound pollutions and improves air quality in any residential or commercial building. Gypsum board can also make your home or building fire resistant. Fire rated gypsum board is needed in areas around fireplaces or other fire elements. Talk to our experts about the building that you are constructing and our experts will ensure that you have that you need to complete your project.

Let’s Get Started

No matter the kind of gypsum board that you need for your project, Lampert Lumber will be there to help. We carry a number of the best brands that are durable and sustainable. We also carry different types. Talk to our experts about how we can help provide gypsum board for your project.


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