Flooring Selection

a modern living room with hardwood floorsNobody does flooring like Lampert. We love helping you select wood flooring, carpet, tiles and luxury vinyl tiles.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring brings warmth and elegance into a home. In addition, wood flooring brings a little bit of the outdoors inside. Wood flooring is durable and it maintains its elegance for a long time. It is easy to maintain and clean. Because of its durable nature, wood flooring is a good investment for your home. Our experts know all the brands and types of lumber extensively and we are great at advising you with the best flooring for your home. If you want to do any intricate styles such as parquet flooring or herringbone patterns, we can assist you in choosing the best materials.


Carpets add comfort and a sense of relaxation to homes. They are an excellent option for bedrooms and living rooms. Lampert Lumber has an impressive selection of beautiful carpets that will look perfect in your home. Talk to our experts about what kind of carpets you want in your home.


Ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens are easy to clean and look beautiful for years to come. Tiles are durable and they add a welcoming sense of calm to a home. Our wide selection of tile brands have a range of prices that will work with any budget.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Lampert Lumber offers high-quality, luxury vinyl tiles that do not scratch, are very durable, and look impressive for years. It is still very affordable, while upholding aesthetic appeal in your home.

We want you to be proud of your home and excited about the work that we do for you. We are always ready to answer any questions that you may have. If you are interested in getting new flooring, talk to Lampert Lumber about what we can do for your family.


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