Type of Lumber: Pine

pine woodPine is one of the most common types of softwood available to builders today. At Lampert Lumber, we are happy to provide many different varieties of pine for you to utilize in your next project. Pine wood can deliver some outstanding results for the right projects. While most people think of pine as a type of utility wood, pine is also great for building furniture. Pine wood definitely needs to be handled more carefully than other woods, due to its softer nature. This type of lumber tends to dent easier than others but if handled properly, can turn out some beautiful results.

Pine is very popular for DIY-lovers because it is affordable and available almost everywhere. Pine wood is also naturally great at resisting decay and rot. Compared to other lumber, most builders appreciate how easily pine accepts nails. There is no need to pre-drill holes, so you save time and avoid extra work. Unlike other soft woods, the nails stay put and will not pop out.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

In addition to other benefits, pine lumber has natural patterns that make it a beautiful option for decorative projects. The grain in the pine looks great by itself and rarely requires any stains or painting. Add character to your next project and check out our selection of pine wood at Lampert Lumber!