Type of Lumber: Oak

Wood - textureWhen choosing a specific type of lumber for your project, it is important to consider durability, strength, efficiency, appearance and maintenance. A lot of the choices we offer at Lampert Lumber excel in a select few of these categories, but we believe oak wood excels in all of them! Houses that were built with oak wood back in the 1800’s are still standing to this day!

Oak wood is frequently used in a multitude of products including furniture, sports equipment, ships & boats, vehicles, flooring, etc. If you are looking for strong, moisture-resistant lumber that is also distinct in appearance, oak wood is the right choice for you. Oak offers a lot of complexity in grain, texture and color allowing for every project to look unique. Whether you are looking for white, red, pink or brown oak wood, Lampert Lumber has it all. Not to mention, oak is very cost-efficient compared to other woods that have the same durability.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

Not sure what type of oak wood would be best for your project? Visit one of over 30 locations and one of our helpful experts will help you find the perfect lumber. We look forward to assisting you!