Type of Lumber: OSB

OSB panelAt Lampert Lumber, we strive to give you the highest quality wood for your home or business. One of our many options is OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, which is made from compressed layers of wood flakes in different orientations. These “strands” are laminated together with hot wax and adhesive. If you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to plywood, this is the choice for you.

OSB has consistent quality and is used for an unlimited amount of projects. Widely used in commercial and residential construction, this is a very reliable type of lumber for builders everywhere. Because of the way this lumber is manufactured, you are able to add innovative features to it such as slip-resistance. OSB is a budget-friendly way to get a quality job done. Another great thing about this type of wood, is that it is made from the maximum amount of wood from each tree that is harvested. This way, a very minimal amount of the tree is wasted. Also, the sheets come in much larger sizes than other lumber. At Lampert Lumber, you can find sheets of OSB that reach up to 16 feet.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

If you are looking for a lumber with consistent density and great performance, check out our selection of Oriented Strand Board. Our experts will help you with whatever questions you may have.