Type of Lumber: Plywood

plywood At Lampert Lumber, we offer the best building materials in the industry. When you are building a home or business, we believe everyone deserves to have the best possible quality that works for their budget. One of our more affordable yet durable options is plywood. Plywood is a very versatile type of lumber that can be used for a multitude of building projects and is an integral part of construction these days.

Whether you are seeking interior, exterior, marine or structural plywood, we have what you are looking for. One of the best qualities of plywood is how easy it is to use. Plywood can be shaped and cut with very little experience and most basic tools. The composition of plywood makes it extremely easy to work with. Another great benefit to using this type of lumber is it’s reaction to moisture. When plywood is exposed to excessive moisture, it tends to swell evenly and consistently, preventing it from getting warped or twisted. Plywood dries out very quickly as well so any moisture will not affect the finish, if there is one.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

Come visit or call us at Lampert Lumber and discover the endless possibilities of plywood. Our experts will always assist you in choosing the best lumber for your next building project. We look forward to helping you out!