Type of Lumber: LVL

American residential wooden house construction detail in blue sunny day skyLVL is an engineered wood that has been created to bear heavy loads. It is mainly used for structural beams and other structural work. It is especially useful for architectural purposes, because it can be engineered to be longer than most lumber beams can be. Also its engineering standards have also made it possible to bear loads that standard lumber would not be able to bear. It is highly durable, and its engineering makes it uniformly straight.

LVL is often used for structural work for roofing including ridge beams, strutting beams, hanging beams, and valley or hip rafters. It can also be used for long span joists and floor bearers. It is also used for framing purposes including window and door framing. Discuss your building and project with our building experts. Lampert Lumber will ensure that you have all the wood that you need for every different part of your building.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

LVL is made from many different layers of veneer tightly glued together with waterproof glue. It is moisture resistant, but we would not recommend that LVL would be used for external use, because it cannot handle permanent exposure to the elements.
Lampert Lumber’s experts have worked with many different contractors and homeowners to make sure that they had all of the products they needed to complete their building. We have been dedicated to providing quality wood products throughout the Midwest for over 100 years. We carry all kinds of lumber and wood including LVL. When you need anything for your building project, look no further than Lampert Lumber.