Type of Lumber: EWP

New house constructionEngineered Wood Products or “EWP” have been engineered so that they are perfect options for designated purposes. They have been made to meet specific building standards that other types of wood would not be able to meet. It is also more economical than other kinds of wood.

What is EWP Lumber?

EWP is made from particles, strands, fibers, veneers, or boards of wood that is bound together with a strong adhesive. The wood itself is very durable and sturdy, it is also exceedingly light and easy to transport. EWP is a great option for any construction project where the wood will be used for structural purposes. It will ensure that you meet all of the necessary construction standards.

EWP is not known for is aesthetics. If you are looking for a wood that would be seen, we recommend placing a hardwood lumber, such as cherry, over the EWP. Discuss your lumber and plywood needs with us when you are working on a project so that we can help you find the best kinds of wood for your needs.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

EWP is very sustainable and it is still extremely useful for any construction project. If you ever have any questions about our lumber, talk to our experts. Lampert Lumber has been working throughout the Midwest for the past 100 years. Our main goal is to provide quality wood and lumber to homeowners and contractors. We are happy to help you with any kind of construction that you are working on. When you are looking for the best in wood products, come into your local Lampert Lumber today!