Type of Lumber: Cedar

New Cedar DeckAre you looking for a natural, warm-colored wood that is long-lasting and inviting? Cedar may be the right choice for you. At Lampert Lumber, we offer many different varieties of cedar lumber. Because of its natural look, cedar is used for a variety of uses including doors, deck design, cabinet design and more. Cedar wood is a great choice because it does not absorb moisture like other types of wood do. The cedar we offer comes from the heartwood of the cedar tree, which is naturally rot resistant and insect-proof. Since moisture is what causes wood to split and twist, whatever you build with cedar will always stay straight and flat.

Our Selection of Cedar Wood

Another benefit of using the cedar we provide, is that it is a relatively lightweight wood that is easy to work with. Cedar is a perfect choice for builders because you can use it for practically anything. Natural wood is always a superior choice to synthetic when building because it is renewable and doesn’t generate greenhouse gasses.

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