Type of Lumber: Maple

Wooden BackgroundCome visit us at Lampert Lumber for our large selection of wood varieties. One of the most versatile woods we offer here is maple wood. Unlike other types of lumber, maple comes in both softwood and hardwood. There are so many different kinds of maple wood that the possibilities are endless!

Maple wood is very highly regarded in the construction industry for many reasons. If you are looking for one of the strongest hardwoods on the market, this type of wood will be a great choice. This wood can pretty much take anything that life will throw at it and will continue to look great for many years. Maple wood gets its extremely attractive appearance from its consistent and fine grain, and also the smooth finish it unveils when sanded. Another element of maple that makes it so great is its rich, warm and even tone. Are you planning on painting the project you build with maple wood? Since maple is a fine-grained lumber, paint goes on it very smoothly.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

Are you reluctant because of cost? No need to worry. Maple wood is actually quite cost-efficient. Come visit or call us at Lampert Lumber and one of our experts will help you find an affordable option. We look forward to helping you produce great results!