Douglas Fir

Type of Lumber: Douglas Fir

douglas firAt Lampert Lumber, we offer one of the most versatile and beautiful types of wood: Douglas fir. While Christmas trees may be the first thing you think of when seeing Douglas firs, the lumber from these trees is actually extremely useful! Douglas fir is highly favored by builders everywhere because of its ideal building structure. The Douglas fir trees that this lumber comes from are naturally self-pruning, which means their wood has fewer knots and long, consistent fibers. These qualities also mean that Douglas fir has an unmatched amount of elasticity and an extraordinary weight to strength ratio. You really can’t go wrong with this type of lumber.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

Are you starting construction on a new home? Douglas fir is the first choice for residential contractors everywhere. Because of its stiffness, this wood is perfect for framing and is ideal for withstanding earthquakes. In fact, Douglas fir is so reliable and durable that it is used for the construction of homes, commercial buildings, furniture, boats and even some aircrafts! Douglas fir is also often chosen because of its beauty. Its distinctive graining pattern and warm coloring make it an attractive choice for interior woodwork, furniture and cabinetry. Most of the time, Douglas fir is left unstained because of its rich coloring.

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