Type of Lumber: Cherry

maroon wood backgroundCherry is a beautiful variety of lumber. It is a very strong hardwood that is usually used for its aesthetic purposes. Woodworkers often choose Cherry as a good option for many projects. It is a very popular type of wood to be used by cabinetmakers and furniture makers. Cherry wood is often used in many kinds of millwork. It is an excellent option for builders to use cherry wood for hardwood flooring. Cherry has deep, rich tones that bring warmth to any room.

Cherry Wood Products

Lampert Lumber knows all about our wood and lumber products. If you are getting started on a woodworking project or hardwood flooring, talk to our experts about our varieties of cherry. Natural wood is a much more sustainable construction option than other, man-made products such as laminate. We have worked with many different contractors and homeowners to ensure that they were satisfied with the final result of their construction project.

Our Great Selection of Lumber

We have been specialized in lumber for over 100 years. We started as a small lumber yard in Minnesota and have worked to create a great reputation throughout the Midwest. We are dedicated to providing our quality lumber products with our impressive and personal customer service. Our experts are knowledgeable, and they are ready to answer any questions that you may have. When you are getting started on a construction project or a woodworking project, come into your local Lampert Lumber to see what our products and services can do to help you.