Type of Lumber: MDF

repair, building and home concept - close up of male hands intalling wood flooringMedium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is very useful for construction. It is denser than most plywood, so it can be used for similar application. It is much stronger than particle board. Since there is no grain to MDF, it is highly crack resistant and can be used for architectural purposes. It can very easily be bent into curves. This makes it a great option for construction of curved walls.

MDF is consistent in size and strength, so there are no structurally weak parts of the fiberboard. It is also very sustainable, because it is made from fibers and particles that would normally be wasted. It is often made from recycled materials. Veneers are often applied to the surface of MDF, and MDF can also be painted very easily. This makes it very useful for furniture and interior projects. Many DIY project use MDF because it is so pliable and it is easy to finish.

Our Selection of Lumber

Our experts are happy to help you with any project that you are working on. Whether you need MDF for a project or for construction, talk to Lampert Lumber about your plans and the products that you need. We will ensure that you have everything to complete construction. Lampert Lumber’s experts have worked with many different homeowners and contractors to help them achieve their desired results. Lampert Lumber has been working to offer the best quality lumber and wood products to the Midwest for over 100 years. Take a look at our great selection of MDF to see what we can do for you.