Shur-Line Paints

Shur-Line was founded in 1944 and is known for the first ever slip-on roller cover. This technology made rollers conveniently available to homeowners for the first time. Today, Shur-Line offers a complete line of advanced paint application and paint-related tools and accessories under the Shur-Line and Rubbermaid brands. Shur-Line is noted for the innovative use of Teflon on painting tools and accessories. This protective Teflon feature makes superior coverage and easy clean up a reality. At Lampert Lumber, we carry Shur-Line products in order to offer our customers high-quality and prolonged high performance.


Shur-Line offers a variety of different products including:

  • Paint trays
  • Roller covers
  • Brushes
  • Frames
  • Poles
  • Applicators
  • Paint trays
  • Other convenience tools

The state-of-the-art rollers with Teflon surface protector are designed to make painting easy. The shed-free rollers offer superior coverage and easy application, allowing for a faster project speed. The Shur-Line poles and frames are adjustable to make hard to reach surfaces accessible. They have an easy release lever in order to ensure mess-free cover removal. The advanced ergonomic handle makes painting comfortable. The Shur-Line paint trays with Teflon protection provide a non-stick surface for an easy clean up. Paint can simply be poured back into the can after the project is finished or dry paint can be easily peeled from the tray. Shur-Line has a complete line of different sized Teflon coated brushes. The Teflon surface ensures that the paint sticks to the wall and not the brush.

For more information about the different Shur-Line painting tools we offer, visit Lampert Lumber. Our specialists will make sure you have all the prep, painting and touch-up tools and accessories for your project.


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