Flood Paints

Flood has been a high-quality exterior wood care company since 1841. Whether you are looking for wood stripper, wood cleaner or exterior wood stains, Flood has superior products that penetrate and protect outdoor wood surfaces from the inside out. At Lampert Lumber, we have over 100 years of experience working with different stains and finishes for exterior applications. For expert advice and guidance, visit Lampert Lumber.


There are a variety of different Flood products available at Lampert Lumber. Whether you are looking to refinish siding, outdoor furniture, a deck, fence or children’s play set, there are a number of different factors to consider. The three most common finishes available are as follows:

  • Translucent/transparent
  • Semi-transparent
  • Solid

Depending on what project you are working on, the type of wood the surface is made of, the current condition of the surface and the result you are looking for, some products are better than others. Translucent stain will add minimal color by highlighting the natural grain present in the wood. This type of stain is best for newer, less weathered wood. Semi-transparent stain adds sheer color but still allows the natural wood grain to peak through. This type of stain works well on new and semi-weathered wood. Solid stains come in a wide variety of different rich, opaque colors. These darker hues work well to hide imperfections in aging wood. This type of stain works well on stained and weathered wood.

For help choosing the right stains for your project and for more information about Flood’s products, give us a call at Lampert Lumber. We carry a wide variety of wood care products with different applications and benefits.


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