Penofin Paints

In 1977, a group of friends were sitting at a Colorado lounge with friends who were manufacturers of high-quality furniture. The conversation lead to a discussion about a well-known wood stain and its “secret ingredients.” The physicist in the group rejected the idea and declared there were no secret formulas in chemistry. His friends immediately challenged him to create a superior product. Two years later, he came up with “PENetrating Oil FINish” or “Penofin”.


Today, Penofin is still a far superior product than any other on the market. It penetrates, seals and dries quickly and is easy to apply and maintain. The Penofin brand is comprised of a complete line of wood stains, finishes and preparation products. Recently the latest line of eco-friendly products has been a top-seller. From strippers and cleaners to a wide range of oil finishes, there is a Penofin product for every project.


Whether you are looking to rejuvenate a deck, fence, kitchen floor or wood furniture, Penofin will bring new life to aging wood surfaces by replacing oils lost in the milling process. This product will protect your wood surfaces from mold and sun while keeping it looking healthy and new. There are a variety of Penofin products with specific features designed for different applications. Whether you are looking to protect and beautify hardwood or you are looking to apply transparent stain with ultraviolet protection to a deck or walkway, there is a specific Penofin product for every specific application.

For more information regarding the different Penofin products and their specific applications, visit Lampert Lumber. We have years of experience working with different brands, including Penofin. We will help you select the best wood stains, finishes and preparation products for your project.


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