Purdy Paints

Purdy has been a leading provider of professional painting tools since 1925. If you are looking for state-of-the-art painting tools that offer superior coverage and dependable performance, Purdy is the brand for you. Every Purdy brush, roller and prep tool is built to exceed expectations. Purdy’s commitment to quality makes their products superior to any other painting tools manufacturer. At Lampert Lumber, we want our customers to have the best painting experience possible. That’s why we carry Purdy products.

Superior Painting Performance

Nothing is worse than a poor-quality paint brush. At Lampert Lumber, we understand that the quality of your painting tools greatly affect the final product. Every Purdy brush is built with performance in mind. High-quality raw materials including a lightweight hardwood handle are used to ensure maximum painting performance. The following features make Purdy a brand you can rely on:

  • Excellent finish appearance
  • Proven endurance
  • Superior paint distribution
  • Excellent overall coverage
  • Greater efficiency
  • Smooth strokes


Purdy brushes come in a number of different sizes and combinations to suit any preference or project. From XL to Syntox, some brushes are better suited for certain applications. If you need help deciding which brush is best for your project, the experts at Lampert Lumber are here to help. We have professional grade extension poles for hard to reach surfaces and we have 5-gallon buckets designed for efficiency. We have a complete selection of professional Purdy rollers designed for different applications. If you are looking for heavy-duty coverage or edge-to-edge application, there is a Purdy roller to meet any circumstance.

For more information about the different Purdy professional painting tools we carry, visit us at Lampert Lumber. Our goal is to provide you with all the painting tools and accessories you need for your next project. Our experienced team members will give you tips and walk you through the selection process.


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