Drylok Paints

Prevent water seepage from ruining stored boxes, furniture or carpets with the perfect waterproofing product. United Gilsonite Laboratories or UGL offers the specialty product, Drylok, to prevent wet leaking walls from damaging belongings and furniture in basements and other areas of the home. Drylok was introduced over 50 years ago and as new advancements in technology have come along, it has improved with age. The product has been put to the test in many homes throughout the United States and in laboratories on industry approved masonry building materials. Drylok locks out moisture and stands the test of durability and long-term effectiveness.


Drylok is designed to waterproof concrete, cinder blocks, retaining walls, basement floors, interior and exterior masonry walls and other cement materials. Different Drylok products offer different benefits. Once applied, it expands to fill the gaps and pores within masonry. It can be applied easily with a brush or roller and it can also be sprayed on. Drylok comes in a wide variety of ready mixed colors. If your desired color is not available, it can be tinted to custom hues. Drylok is easy to apply because of its smooth and creamy consistency. You do not have to mix by hand or pre-wet the surface like other waterproofing products.


Drylok is not only made to work, it is guaranteed to work. Its proven performance not only waterproofs a variety of different surfaces, but it also improves the appearance of unattractive cinder blocks and building materials. Drylok offers a 10-year fully transferable warranty. Drylok is ceramic fortified for a smoother finish. This finish works to resist mold and mildew. Drylok Extreme offers a 15-year fully transferable warranty.

It is effective in waterproofing bird baths, fountains, fish ponds and retaining walls. For more information about the different Drylok products we carry and their applications, give us a call at Lampert Lumber. One of our experienced team members will gladly help you select the best waterproofing material for your project.


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