Rust-Oleum Paints

Rust-Oleum has earned a reputation for providing excellent protective paints and coatings since 1921. Ship captain, Robert Fergusson introduced the world’s first rust-preventative paint after he recognized that a splash of fish oil had stopped the spread of the rust on his corroded metal deck. Since 1921, Rust-Oleum has been one of the most durable protective paints in the industry. If you are looking to protect a problematic surface or you want to transform a weathered surface, Rust-Oleum is the solution for your challenge.


When you use Rust-Oleum, the possibilities are endless. There is a wide array of products designed for different applications. The following high-quality paints will transform your space:

  • Specialty paint: Project-specific paint is ideal for customizable solutions around the home and office. We carry the following specialty paints:
    • Glow-in the dark paint
    • Magnetic paint
    • Chalkboard paint
    • Dry erase paint
  • Rust-preventative paint: Rust-Oleum has a variety of anti-rust products that you can put on just about any surface. From metal and aluminum to plastic and steel, Rust-Oleum products help stop the spread of rust corrosion.
  • Wood and concrete coatings: If you are looking for a beautiful, durable finish, Rust-Oleum has a variety of advanced coatings, stains and polyurethanes in a variety of different colors.

No matter the project, Lampert Lumber carries a large assortment of high-quality products designed for a variety of applications. From kitchen projects to driveways and other outdoor projects, Rust-Oleum provides a long-lasting and protective covering for masonry, plaster or wood. As one of the United States most trusted brands for roughly a century, Rust-Oleum has the power to transform your next project. Speak to one of our experienced professionals at Lampert Lumber for more information about the different protective paints and finishes we carry.


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