Birdhouse Made From Lumber
25 July 2017

What To Do With Leftover Lumber

Birdhouse Made From LumberLeftover Lumber Uses

If you just completed a big project and now you have some leftover lumber, what should you do with it? You hate to just throw away perfectly good lumber. But you don’t have an immediate need for it with another project. Here are a few ideas to help you put that leftover lumber to good use.

Build Birdhouses

Just because your major project is over doesn’t mean you can’t still use your creativity to enjoy the rest of the lumber. Use pieces to fashion birdhouses in different sizes. You can paint them or leave them plain when you are done. Do a little research to see what sized holes different birds like and then tailor the birdhouses to match the birds in your area so they’ll be more likely move in. Birdhouses are fun to put up in the backyard and they make great homemade gifts for family members too.

Give It To The Kids

There aren’t many kids that don’t like having fun with paint and markers. Give the kids some pieces of lumber and let them get creative! Cut the lumber up into small blocks and have them paint or color the pieces. They can give them as gifts or build something with your help and supervision. It’s fun to foster creativity in a child. They may not get a chance to play with the lumber you used for your project so this is a great opportunity to get them involved.

Save It

Just because you don’t have another project in mind doesn’t mean you won’t have a use for the lumber later. If you have a good, dry place to store it, you might consider saving it for your next venture. You won’t want to get down the road and wish you still had it.

Return It

If you have full pieces of lumber that hasn’t been used or cut, you may be able to return it to the store and get a refund on those chunks. If you don’t need it and don’t want it for anything, you may as well save your money for another project.

Make Shelves

Good lumber makes great shelves and you can usually use more shelving just about anywhere. You can install shelves in the garage, put some shelves up in a bedroom, or make a spice rack for the kitchen. With the right lumber, you can stain or paint the shelves any color you want to fit into the style you already have going.

Lampert Lumber

If you need more ideas on what to do with your leftover lumber, all you really need to do is visit Lampert Lumber. With plenty of lumber, hardware, and other items, there are ideas practically down every aisle. Take some time to browse the store and you never know what you might come up with. You may even buy more lumber to start another larger project if inspiration happens to hit! Use one or more of the above ideas or come up with one on your own. Don’t let that lumber go to waste!