Using Refurbished Lumber To Make Bird House
25 April 2017

Projects For Lumber

Lumber Project Ideas Using Refurbished Lumber To Make Bird House 

Are you feeling creative? There are plenty of things you can do with the extra lumber you have laying around. Or, if you don’t happen to have any, your project ideas might be worth a trip to Lampert Lumber to get some 2x4s or whatever sizes you need. Working with lumber can be a lot of fun and there are endless opportunities to turn it into something cool and creative. Here are just a few project ideas to help you enjoy working with lumber.


Making bookshelves out of lumber can be very fun because there are a variety of ways you can make them. Of course, you can make standard bookshelves like you would see in any store. But you can also make something different. Consider making a bookshelf that hangs on the wall and do something more asymmetrical. When it comes to working with lumber, the bookshelf options are limitless. Make something that fits the books or knick knacks you have on hand and no one else will have anything like it.


Wouldn’t it be fun to hang a mirror in your entryway that you made yourself? All you need is the mirror portion and some lumber. You can make the mirror any shape you want and once you have the lumber cut and in place, you can paint it, stain it, or decorate it any way you’d like. The rustic look is very popular right now and having something homemade in your house makes it that much more special.


What home doesn’t need more storage? If you are looking for something to slide under the bed or place beside the couch, you can build your own crates with the right kind of lumber. You can leave them natural or paint them once you’re done. They are handy to store all kinds of items in and they can help bring a room together with a neat, tidy, rustic look.

Raised Garden

Take your lumber outside of the house and do some work in the garden. If you have trouble with bunnies and weeds, you might want to consider building a raised garden bed. All you need is some lumber and dirt and then you can start planting. The natural wood will stand out in the garden and help to protect your plants from animals seeking food.


No yard can ever have enough birdhouses, right? And even if you are at the limit, they make great gifts. Use your lumber to make different sizes and study up on the types of birds that like certain sized holes so you can attract different varieties to your yard. Once you have some birdhouses lined up, you can paint them in different ways to make them even more attractive. Once they’re hanging up, the birds will move right in. And even if they stay vacant for a while, they look great and welcoming in any yard.

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Now that you have a few ideas of creative things you can do with lumber, all you need are the right pieces of wood to get started. Visit Lampert Lumber, choose our lumber, and let the creative juices flow.