Getting Around Your Local Hardware Store
15 August 2017

Getting Around Your Local Hardware Store

Learning To Navigate The Hardware Store

Getting Around Your Local Hardware StoreWhen you first enter a hardware store, it may seem daunting. Aisles filled with tools and supplies you have never seen loom before you. People rush in and out as if they know exactly where everything is located. Don’t be put off by this feeling. Unless you go to a hardware store on a regular basis, it may take a little time to learn your way around. Thankfully, all hardware stores have a layout that follows some common sense. If you want to learn to navigate one like a pro, here are a few tips you can follow to master any store’s layout.

Learn The Sections

A hardware store is like a book: there is so much stuff in it that it needs organization. This is where store sections come in. Just like book chapters, the sections in a store arrange everything by type and use. Most often, this arrangement is by the tool’s or supply’s purpose. Need a replacement pipe? Check out the plumbing section. Looking for a power tool? There is a whole section for that! The entire store’s layout should make it easy to find the exact thing you need once you know the basic sections. As you learn them, you can follow the signs posted above the aisles if you get lost or confused.

Check Out The Displays

Some hardware stores save some space for other things to put on display. These spaces may be seasonal like for holiday decorations. They may also show off the bargain bins or weekly product deals. The most important thing is that they are usually highly visible as you enter and walk around the store. Why is this important? Because they are easy to find. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore these areas unless they are looking for something specific. This means they miss out on a number of deals and seasonal items. You never know when something may jump out at you. Get in the habit of looking around these sections every now and then so you can stay on top of what the store has to offer.

Get Familiar With The Outside

Don’t focus on just the inside of the store. Any good hardware store will have outdoor space that holds a number of products. Most of the time, these products function outdoors. Plants and buckets, for example, will usually be front and center in outdoor areas. Other seasonal items like pumpkins or Christmas trees will be present too when the time is right. If you are familiar with the types of things the store puts out each time of year, you can usually beat the holiday rush. Pay attention to when the store puts these items out to be the first to buy something you are looking for.

Learning The Store’s Quirks

It’s easy to learn a hardware store’s basic layout with a little bit of time and experience. As long as you follow the signs and ask for help when needed, you will be able to find anything you are looking for. Over time, you will also become familiar with the little quirks each store has. For example, some multi use items may be in a section you wouldn’t think about. If you need zip ties for a plumbing project, chances are you might not think to look in the electrical section. Asking for help at first is usually all you need to learn about these quirks. Needing to find your way around one of our stores? Don’t fret, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with all your questions, navigational or otherwise!