01 October 2014

How Sustainable Lumber and Forestry is Making a Difference

ForestMany of the brands of lumber that Lampert Lumber offers work to help the environment through their sustainable forestry and lumber production. We think that this is very important, because we feel that lumber is a precious renewable resource and that trees and forests need to be properly cared for. Without sustainable forestry, important, vital ecosystems would not be able to survive and the lumber industry would eventually suffer because of it.

This loss of ecosystems and industry is especially evident in the American Southeastern states. In the 17th century environmental scientists estimate that there were 90 million acres of Longleaf pine forests with that were home to almost 900 different plant species. Today less than 4 percent of what was present then remains. This is the result of years of unsustainable timber harvesting of the Longleaf Pine. The Longleaf Pine was very useful for shipbuilding and commerce. Our nation was built from these great trees, but there eventually were not enough trees to sustain any more harvesting. Conservation groups have made impressive strides to help regrow the population of trees and plant species. There is a great amount of forest regrowth in the ecosystems of the American Southeast. Lumber companies also have had a part in this regrowth. For example, Georgia-Pacific has started an initiative to plant over 7000 acres of Longleaf Pine throughout the area.

How Lumber Companies Are Becoming Sustainable

Many lumber companies have learned from the mistakes of the past generations. They are dedicated to sustainable forestry and lumber production. Many of them are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a non-profit organization that has created standards for lumber producers, and conducts third party audits to ensure that the companies are kept to these standards. SFI is dedicated to keeping green building standards high for lumber companies.

However many companies, like Georgia Pacific, have gone above and beyond the SFI’s standards. These companies have been working to regrow the forests where they have been harvesting. Some have even been protecting endangered plant and animal species. Many companies have also been using innovative lumber harvesting techniques that do not disturb soil, in order preserve the forest plants, animals, and water sources.

There have been wood products that are even more sustainable. Some engineered wood products and all fiberboards are made from wood particles and shreds that would have been wasted. These products make it possible for humans to use as much of every tree as we possibly can so that no bit of the tree is wasted.

We want you to be aware of the work that these companies have been doing to help the environment and forests. We understand how valuable trees are, and we are proud to provide developers, contractors, and homeowners with lumber and wood products from these companies whose missions are to help the environment in any way that they can.

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