Modern room with mansard windowsLet the sunshine in with our great skylights! Our skylights are a great option for projects where energy efficiency is a high priority, or families that want to save money on their electricity bills. Since the building will be lit during the daytime, electricity will not need to be turned on unless it is necessary. Skylights can also naturally warm a building’s interior.

When the architecture of a building is not optimal for a traditional skylight, a tubular skylight may be a great option. Tubular skylights use aluminum tubing to redirect sunlight into a building. These are a nice option for dark hallways or areas where a traditional skylight will not fit.

Talk to our experts about your options for skylights and the best solution for your project. We will discuss the benefits each of our brands have and how we can make your building more energy efficient. We also have a great selection of roof windows that also naturally bring light into a building.

Lampert Lumber wants to make sure that you are satisfied with your completed project. Our specialists are here to help you fully understand all of our products. We are ready to answer all of your questions about our skylights. If you are planning on installing a skylight, talk to Lampert Lumber first.