Casement Windows

modern casement windowsCasement windows are designed to swing out. A crank is used to open the window itself. The mechanism opens very easily. Casement windows provide great ventilation and look beautiful in any home. They are very energy efficient and can be easily customized to match the design of the house.

We provide a wonderful collection of windows that meet the needs and style of the project. We offer some elegant and stylish options. Discuss your architectural desires with our experts and we can guide you through our showrooms to show you our options. We carry the best brands of windows that provide airflow and light into your home while saving energy.

Our windows have different options that make them perfect for any home. Our specialists are happy to discuss options and styles for your windows. We will discuss the benefits of each of the frame materials and the different styles. We also offer various other window styles such as double hung and picture windows. We will talk to you about the many advantages of each type of windows and help you find the right options for the design of the home.

Lampert Lumber has worked with contractors and homeowners for years. We have been able to keep our great tradition of customer service, but we know how to be innovative in this modern age. If you come to us with any question or concerns, we will find the right solution for your project. Come in and talk to one of Lampert Lumber’s experts to see how we can help you.