Wellborn Cabinets

At Lampert Lumber, we know that quality is the priority when you’re choosing your cabinets. With an emphasis on the utmost quality and care, Wellborn Cabinets have been furnishing homes with high-quality cabinets since 1968. Wellborn Cabinets are the ideal choice for your kitchen or bathroom because they are hand-crafted to last a lifetime. With options ranging from heirloom quality cabinetry to simple, everyday kitchen cabinets, Wellborn Cabinets through Lampert Lumber is the way to go for the look you want with the strength and resilience that you need for your home.

Wellborn Cabinets understands how important your cabinets are, so they always start with the highest-quality wood, and uses updated processes to create something that is beautiful, unique, and durable. At Wellborn Cabinets, it doesn’t matter where you are in the the process of homeownership – whether you’re finishing your home, just purchased a home that is brand-new or if you are remodeling, there is a solution for your cabinets. Wellborn Cabinets are the enhancement that you’re seeking for your home, whether you need brand-new cabinets, or partial replacements. Even if they aren’t responsible for creating an entire set of cabinets for you, Wellborn Cabinets can supply you with replacement panels, custom doors, vanities, and many more features for a home that will make you proud. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Lampert Lumber today for amazing custom cabinets through Wellborn Cabinets.