Merillat Cabinets

While Merillat is a cabinet company, to them, people are much more valuable than the cabinets that they make. They value the ideas of their cabinetmakers, their designers, and their clients. This has allowed them to create beautiful and unique cabinets. Merillat meets people’s needs by providing economical and ecological solutions for storage spaces.

Merillat cabinets can be customized for any space in a home or building. Merillat cabinets are a great option for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. They offer a variety of styles, finishes, and woods to match any home or building’s interior. Whether your home has a traditional or modern interior, Merillat has the right options for you. Merillat can also add decorative accents to your cabinetry that add that little extra bit of flavor and design to your kitchen or bathroom.

Lampert Lumber is proud to offer fine cabinetry from Merillat. Our experts can help you design beautiful cabinetry and storage for any space that you are redecorating. We have worked with homeowners and contractors alike. We are always well informed about all innovations in Merillat cabinetry and we are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Let’s discuss your concerns and we will find the right options for your needs. Come in and take a look at what Lampert Lumber has to offer.