25 December 2019

Lampert’s Must Have Products During the Winter Season

Products to Get You Through the Winter

It’s officially winter! As the temperature begins to fall, it’s important to be prepared. Harsh weather conditions can cause serious damage to your home and affect the temperature on the inside. To ensure your home stays warm and safe, we recommend our must-have products for the season. These include good insulation, storm doors, warm flooring, and water and ice shields.  


Having good insulation is extremely important, especially when you live in a cold place like the Midwest. With temperatures that can drop below zero, insulation helps keep warm air inside of your home. It helps reduce energy waste as the heater doesn’t have to constantly be on high. There are different types of insulation including beadboard, cellulose, fiberglass, foil faced, and rigid foam. It is usually found in walls and ceilings. 

Storm Doors

Winter storms are common during this time of year. In order to keep water from leaking into your home, you should consider installing a storm door. Storm doors keep the interior of your home warm and dry. There are a variety of storm doors available, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home. They have differing screen lengths and styles, interchangeable screens, glass types, and frame materials. Our experts will teach you how to measure your doorframe in order for the installation to go smoothly. 

Warm Flooring

There’s nothing quite like entering a warm house to escape the cold. There are several warm flooring options with carpet being one of the most popular. We offer the best quality carpet at the most affordable price. You can choose from a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. Carpet is a very comforting material as it has soft and warm qualities. Worried about tracking in snow? We have both stain-resistant and wear-resistant carpet. Another option is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring stays warm in homes that have good insulation. 

Ice and Water Shields

Leaks during the winter are not fun. Protect your roof and home from damage caused by water infiltration. Ice and water shields are considered roof accessories that help protect areas where leaks may occur. We carry a variety of ice and water shields depending on your type of roofing material. 


Siding is necessary for every home. It gives it a layer of protection, which is important when there is a windstorm or inclement weather. It also provides insulation. We carry different types of siding including board & batten, fiber cement, reverse board & batten, sidewall shakes, soffit systems, steel & aluminum, T1-11, vinyl, and wood lap. 

Be Prepared With Help From Lampert Lumber

At Lampert Lumber, our experts are dedicated to helping customers find the best lumber and home improvement products. We are proud to offer a great selection of insulation, storm doors, warm flooring, and water and ice shields for residents throughout the Midwest. It is best to be prepared and we are more than happy to provide our expertise. Contact us today or visit your local Lampert Lumber to get started!

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