25 February 2020

Choosing Siding for Your Home

Lampert’s High-Quality Siding Selection

Siding is a very important aspect of your home. Some of its purposes include protection, insulation, and aesthetics. It is particularly useful in areas that experience inclement weather frequently. The siding helps prevent the side of the house from becoming damaged. At Lampert Lumber, we are proud to carry different brands of siding, that come in a number of styles and materials. Find the perfect siding for your needs with help from the experts at Lampert Lumber. 

Board & Batten

Board and batten siding is typically used for residential homes in the countryside. It consists of long, vertical boards that vary in size. It can be designed with many different types of lumber including cedar, pine, redwood, and more. This type of siding is durable and easy to maintain. 

Fiber Cement

There are many advantages to selecting fiber cement siding. The material is very durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and offers an aesthetically pleasing look. Fiber cement is made by mixing sand, cement and cellulose. It is extremely versatile, as it can be shaped in many ways. It can also be customized to the color of your choosing. Fiber cement is resistant to fires, moisture, termites and other insects, and rot.

Reverse Board & Batten

Reverse board and batten is simply the opposite of board and batten. The boards are narrow while the batten is wider. This is a good choice for people with any eye for design. It creates a country design that can also appear contemporary. The siding is durable and can be easily replaced in the event that it is damaged. 

Sidewall Shakes

If you’re looking to add some rustic and rugged charm to your home, we recommend sidewall shakes! This type of siding is resistant to harsh weather and lasts a long time. One of our popular options is our red cedar shakes. 

Soffit Systems

Soffit systems provide ventilation in a more discreet way. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. The circulation of air helps prevent rotting and decay that can be caused by moisture buildup. It can also prevent hot air from entering your attic during the warmer months and moisture from accumulating in the winter months. 

Steel & Aluminum Siding 

Steel and aluminum have become popular choices for siding. Steel is customizable, long-lasting, and resistant to rot, insects, fire, and dents, as it is a heavier material. Aluminum resists dirt, stains, heat, and dents. The paint is durable and the material is lightweight, making it easy to install. 

T1-11 Siding

T1-11 siding comes in two major grades, which are wood or wood-based. The common types are plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand board). Plywood is more expensive, however it is very durable and can be painted any color. The benefits include its easy installation and protection from weather. 

Vinyl Siding

For a popular alternative to real wood and aluminum, consider vinyl siding! It is low-cost with high-quality aesthetics. It requires very low maintenance, is customizable, and can withstand strong winds. 

Wood Lap Siding

What is wood lap siding? This type of siding is made from long boards that are milled for horizontal installation. They then overlap the board below. Many people choose to use wood lap siding as it is durable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Wood Siding

Lastly, wood siding is typically the most desired type of siding for a home. Homeowners are able to choose from numerous types of lumber as well as styles to match their personal preference. For superior durability, wood siding is the way to go. 

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