25 April 2018

Must-Have Lumber And Tools For Home Improvement Projects

image-of-power-drillWhat Lumber Do You Need For Your Project?

If you like to take on your own home improvement projects, you’re not alone. The DIY world is full and thriving! If you want to succeed every time you start a new project, make sure you have a list of tools that are indispensable to any project. You’ll get things done better, easier, and faster with these things on hand for every project.

A Top Notch Level

No one can clearly eyeball items to make sure they are leveled. Even slight errors can make shelves, doors, floorboards, or other items seem completely off later. Getting a level to keep in your toolbox will help you keep the guesswork at bay. You might even want several levels of various lengths to help you with various projects.

The Ever-Necessary Putty Knife

Putty knives are great for a lot of things. You can scrape up dry glue, paint, or spread paste, putty, or spackle. Grab two, one at an inch and a half size and the other at five inches long so you have them on hand for spreading and scraping when you need them.

A Reciprocating Saw For Cutting

Whether you’re using lumber, plywood, or another type of wood, you will find that the reciprocating saw is essential in the workshop. This all-in-one tool is one that can easily stand in for several other tools if you don’t have them. It has a push and pull blade to help you cut in places you can’t otherwise reach with a saw.

The Basic Hammer

It goes without saying that you’ll need a hammer for almost any DIY job. Pull nails, pound nails, tap things into place—the hammer does it all. Get a nice hammer that is both long and lightweight to help you with a number of chores.

Save The Hands With A Power Drill

If any of your jobs take hole creation, the power drill is the ultimate luxury tool. You can do it by hand, sure, but when you turn one too many screws, it’s just easier and faster to have the drill. Large projects go faster and use less muscle. Just don’t strip the screw head by continuing once the fastener is tight.

The Versatile Utility Knife

Whether you want to cut paint from around your windows, open boxes, trim carpet, or a number of other things, the utility knife is the tool for the job. Its versatility will have you wondering what you did before you had one.

The Tape Measure For Your Exact Measurements

They say that you should always measure twice and cut once. In order to measure even once, you need a tape measure. You can calculate floor plans, figure out where to cut, and decide where to place things all with one tool.

The Right Lumber

Many home improvement projects also take the right lumber in order to get the job done. Whether you need lumber or some of the above tools, you can find them at Lampert Lumber where the friendly associates can steer you in the right direction every time.