25 May 2018

Hardware Stores: More Than Just Hardware

man-shopping-in-hardware-storeFrequent The Hardware Store And Find Something New Every Visit

Whether you are a homeowner working on home improvement projects or a contractor that is in the business, you probably visit a hardware store from time to time. When you are walking the aisles, it is important for you to find just what you need. There are some stores that just have hardware or just sell lumber and then there’s Lampert Lumber. At Lampert Lumber, you can learn something new every time you visit. And you can find everything you need and maybe even some things you didn’t realize you needed for an upcoming project. Here are just a few of the items and services you can enjoy here.

Lumber To Build Anything You Want

Our name states that we carry lumber and it’s one of the things we specialize in. We have only the best brands of lumber, all of which are provided by high-quality wood products. Whether you want a certain species of wood or you need something low end like particle board, we have it. Our knowledgeable experts can help you find just what you need, even if you aren’t sure what that is. We give home improvement advice just as often as we sell quality lumber.

Kitchen Renovating Necessities

Not every homeowner wants to go to the lumber yard, pick out wood, and build the items they need. Some just want to buy cabinets, countertops, and other items they need for kitchen renovations. Lampert Lumber has all of that and the top-quality cabinets work well in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or any other rooms. The trusted brands are long-lasting and work well with today’s styles.

Tools For Any Project

If you are taking on some project or another yourself, you may need tools and we have a great selection of tools from many different brands. Whether you’re partial to hand tools or you want to go straight to power tools, we have them all. And different brands are right for different people and various projects so make sure to ask our experts what fits best with your needs.

Windows And Floors To Complete The Home

While we have tools for any project, we also have larger ticket items like windows and floors to help you complete a home with style. Windows are an important part of the energy efficiency in any home. Whether you are building a new house or replacing old windows, our brands are durable and well-made. And flooring gives the home a finished look and is something you will use on a daily basis.

Don’t Forget About Hardware Store Services

Lampert Lumber isn’t just here to sell you hardware store items and then let you flounder about on your own. We can help you with a number of services as well including house plans, cabinet design, paint selection, and much more. When you visit Lampert Lumber, you’ll not only find something new every trip, but you’ll also learn something new about your project or a project you’d like to take on someday. We’re here to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be and whatever you need to reach them!