01 January 2015

How to Plan a Trip to Your Lumber Yard


We have seen it happen so many times, homeowners get started on a home improvement project. They start with a trip to Lampert Lumber to get all of the supplies they think that they need, only to get home to realize that they bought the wrong tool or they forgot to buy a piece of hardware. Being unprepared will result in multiple trips to the lumber yard or the project will remain unfinished.

Use these tips to help you with your trip to the lumber yard so that you can be sure that you will get everything that you need to easily complete your trip.

Do A Full Assessment of the Project

Understand exactly what you will be doing before you do it. Decide if you need any special tools or specific hardware such as screws or nails. Take inventory of how many of each item you will need. Look ahead to see if you have everything that you need before you leave your house. For example, we have seen many homeowners begin on a woodworking project, thinking they had enough stain to finish their project at home, but later realized that they needed another pint to completely finish the project. Make notes or take pictures of everything that you need to complete the project.

Call the Lumber Yard Beforehand

Make sure that you go to a lumber yard that has a number of products and that they have everything that you are looking for. If you are looking for something in particular, give the lumber yard a call to make sure that they have it.

Lumber yards, such as Lampert Lumber, often have access to an online catalog and can get a product within a couple of days. If you call them beforehand, you can check to make sure that they have the products you need, and if they do not have the item, they can order it for you. In this way, you could just make the one trip to pick up all the products at once.

Bring Any Items That You Need With You

Let’s say that you are looking for a specific size screw for your project. It can be very helpful if you bring an example screw with you. This way, our experts can compare the example screw with their selection to find you the right kind of screw for your project. This is also helpful when you are looking for a certain kind of hand tool. If you have an example screw, nut, or pipe, we can help you find the right kind of screw or wrench.

Talk With an Expert

It can sometimes be difficult to ask for help, but most people need it when it comes to home improvement. No matter how experienced homeowners are at doing their own home improvement projects, they often still forget something. Most lumber yards have experts that can assist with product selection and other services. Having the advice of a professional can prevent a return trip to the lumber yard. They can instruct you on the right kind of tools and materials for your project. They have often helped many homeowners with similar projects to yours and can offer advice when you need it.

We know that you want to have a nice experience when you go to your local lumber yard. Follow these tips so that you can have an easier time completing your home improvement project.

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