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15 February 2015

5 Power Tools for Beginner Woodworkers

Starting a woodworking project may be a bit intimidating, especially if you are a beginner woodworker. You may have seen a project on Pinterest that you would really like to create, and you may know what kind of wood you want to use but you do not have all the tools to craft them. Having the right tools in your possession can get you on the road from being a beginner to an expert. Here are 7 power tools that every woodworker needs:

Hand yelow drill isolatedElectric Drill

A versatile drill is an a necessary woodworking tool. With an electric drill, you can easily screw pieces of wood together and drill any size hole. Many drills have a number of drill bits that can be changed very easily, so you can do highly detailed work and use a number of different sized screws. Having a drill that is very easy to use can help you when you are just starting with woodworking. Black+Decker has some excellent drills that are very useful for any level woodworker.

Circular Saw

When you need a piece of wood to be cut quickly and easily, having a circular saw is the best option. Circular saws give you the power and accuracy that every woodworker needs. Many woodworkers have table saws, which are very useful, but if you are beginning, we recommend that you get comfortable with a circular saw before you invest in a table saw. Often you can do most woodworking projects with a nice circular saw from DeWalt.


When you are crafting something with curved edges, you need a woodworking tool that can do highly detailed cutting. A jigsaw will give you the freedom you need to get those nice smooth edges, and they are really easy to work with. Jigsaws can also do some nice precision work. We recommend using a top handle jigsaw from Bosch for more control and ease.

Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander will quickly get your sanding done, while providing a nice, even finish. When you use hand sanders or belt sanders, there tends to be a sanding pattern on the wood, and often one area of the wood is sanded more than other parts of the wood, creating a bumpy finish. A random orbital sander make it easier for woodworkers to sand quickly and smoothly. Ryobi offers a small, cordless random orbital sander that is small enough to get into tighter spaces.

Rotary Tool

Having a nice rotary tool such as a Dremel can make it easier for you to finish your project. With a rotary tool, you can make small cuts, sand curved edges, and do some easy carving and shaping. This will help you finish the tight, detailed work for your project.

Whenever you are using a power tool, make sure that you are always safe. Always use safety goggles and be careful of your hands. Discuss your tools with an expert before you use them just to ensure that you are using it as safely as possible. Having the right woodworking tools is the first step to get started on your project.


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