10 May 2015

How to Customize Your Cabinets with Millwork

flat panel cabinet doors
raised panel cabinet doors
White kitchen interior
The top crown moulding dentil detail on some creme-color painted solid wood kitchen cabinets. These wall mounted cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling above them. The lighting is coming from the top right from a ceiling light.

When you are in the middle of a home remodel, you have a number of choices that you need to make. This is especially the case when it comes to your cabinets. Your cabinets can create the tone of any room where they are installed. We have some impressive brands that allow our clients to customize their cabinets by adding beautiful millwork. Millwork is woodcarving embellishments that you add to a room to add a decorative element. Take a look at these different areas of millwork and how you can customize the millwork for your home or building.

Door Styles

Door styles make the largest impact on your cabinet design. The door style that you choose can really set the tone of the room. There are 3 different styles of doors: flat panels, raised panels, and slab.

Flat Panels

Flat panels are where the center of the door of the door is flat and there is raised molding around the edge of the door. Flat panels are some of the most versatile kinds of cabinet doors. The design of flat panels works with both contemporary and traditional interior designs.

Raised Panels

Raised Panel doors have a raised center panel and a door frame that beautifully emphasizes the center panel. This type of door is a little more embellished than other styles. Raised panels work best with traditional interior designs.


Slab doors are actually a lack of millwork. There is no embellishment on the door, just a slick, smooth surface. This style is only used in modern styles, it is not recommended with traditional interior designs.


Your cabinets could be a little more embellished with some trim. Trim and molding add a little extra design to any set of cabinets. This can go around the upper or bottom edge of your cabinetry. The 2 most simple types of trim for cabinets are cavetto (concave) and ovolo (convex). By combining these shapes to create curves, you can create much more complex trims such as cyma and ogee. Carving the wood in this way creates beautiful shadow designs.

However, there are much more complex types of trim such as egg-and-dart, cable molding, and beading. These styles of trim make a home or office look much more traditional and elegant.

Corbels and Embellishments

Corbels are added brackets that can be used to embellish the cabinets. They are made out of wood and they are used to transition from a lower cabinet to a countertop. The can also be used to embellish the wall below an upper cabinet, a range hood, or fireplace mantel. There are other embellishments that can be added to cabinetry such as rosettes and other designs.

When you are doing your cabinetry designs, it is best to consult with an interior design professional. You want to be sure that the millwork and other designs work well with the interior design of your home or building. Millwork can be absolutely stunning with any cabinetry. A design professional can help you choose the best style of cabinets.

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