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01 April 2015

3 Popular Woods for Furniture Construction

Adirondack Deck ChairsWith a countless number of wood furniture projects to do, it can be difficult to decide the best kind of wood to use to construct your furniture. When you are choosing wood, there are certain factors such as durability, workability, and aesthetics. It is important to think about these before you start on a piece of furniture. Time and energy will go into furniture construction, and you want to be sure that you choose the best pieces of lumber for your furniture construction. The following pieces of wood are popular for a number of reasons and understanding more about the wood itself can help with your furniture construction.


Durability: Cedar is particularly useful for outdoor furniture. It has a number of beneficial properties. It is highly resistant to rot, and it is also insect repellant. With Cedar, your outdoor furniture will last for years to come.

Workability: Cedar is a fairly soft wood, this means that it will be easier to work with as long as you have the right tools. It is a great wood for beginners to get comfortable with woodworking.

Aesthetics: Cedar has warm, reddish coloring. Its grain is very light. Cedar accepts stains and finishes well.


Durability: The heartwood of Cherry is very durable. However, we do recommend that you only use it for indoor use. However, its wood lasts for years and it is resistant to decay. The wood even darkens and becomes a richer color with age.

Workability: Cherry is a hardwood, and this makes it much more difficult to work with. This is a very good wood for people that are comfortable with woodworking and have a bit of experience. However, individuals that are still beginning can still easily use cherry wood.

Aesthetics: When it comes to beauty, cherry wood cannot be beat. It is an beautiful, deep red color. It has a beautiful grain that adds depth to any interior. It is a favorite of expert cabinetmakers, because it is fairly easy to work with, and it always create a spectacular final product.


Durability: Oak wood is a very durable for indoor use. It is a hardwood, so it is resistant to dents and scratches. However, It is not recommended for outdoor use as it is not resistant to decay.

Workability: Oak takes glues and stains very well. It is a hardwood, so it is a little more difficult to work with than a softwood such as Fir or Spruce, but it still is fairly easy to work with.

Aesthetics: Oak has a light to medium reddish-brown color. There is quite a bit of variance when it comes to the color.

While these species of lumber are perfect for any furniture that you are creating, you may want to consider an EWP such as Hardboard for some of your work. Hardboard is very flexible and excellent for pieces that have curves. However, Hardboard in not aesthetically pleasing, so it needs to be painted. Whenever you are choosing lumber for woodworking project, discuss your project with a lumber expert. They can help you decide the best kind of wood for your projects needs.


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