close up of copper guttersGutters are a fundamental component to every home or building. No roof is complete without a functioning gutter system. Gutters protect the exterior walls and foundation from water and moisture-related damages. Whether you are updating, replacing or installing gutters on a new home or building, they are a vital element that needs to be considered carefully. There are many different gutter systems available today. For high-quality roofing materials and friendly customer service, visit us at Lampert Lumber. Our roofing professionals have experience assisting homeowners, builders and contractors in the gutter selection process.

Benefits of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters add aesthetic appeal and lasting value to any home or building. They are extremely durable and weather resistant. From wind and rain to snow and ice, copper gutters can withstand any type of weather. No matter the temperature, hot or subzero, copper gutters will not weaken. Another attractive feature is they require very little maintenance once installed. Although the initial cost may be more expensive than other gutter systems, their lasting durability means they will not have to be serviced or replaced like ordinary gutters.

Your Options

At Lampert Lumber, we offer a variety of different styles and designs. You have the option to choose from traditional rectangle gutters or half-rounded gutters. You can protect your copper gutters from the natural weathering effect or you can let the “patina” process occur. This process happens when the copper oxidizes and turns an unique green. This rustic appearance enhances a building’s beauty and adds value to the property.

Copper gutters add unmatched aesthetic appeal to any roofing system. If you think copper might be the right gutter solution for your project, give us a call at Lampert Lumber.