Sinclar Group Lumber

Lumber Company Overview

Since 1962, Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. have been committed to principles that promote a healthy community and sustainable growth. With five primary mills and three secondary mills in British Columbia and Canada, they strive to maintain small family values while regularly seeking opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation.

A Lumber Company with Sound Ethics and Values

Sinclar’s core values are dedicated to leadership, family and the community. They are committed to responsible environmental stewardship through their Sustainable Forest Management and Environmental Policy systems. They have been recognized three times for their leadership role in sustainable energy management and have been awarded with the Leadership Excellence Award recognizing their best-in-class energy management and conservation. As local owners living and working in the communities, they know what their customers expect from premium lumber products. Sinclar Group provides premier lumber products, exceptional service and innovative solutions. Their products are built for both homeowners and builders, allowing their products to be used in diverse projects.


  • AllPro Building Systems
  • Apollo Forest Products Ltd.
  • L&M Lumber Ltd. Sawmill
  • Lakeland Mills Ltd.
  • Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd.
  • Premium Pellet Ltd.
  • Tl’oh Forest Products
  • Winton Global Ltd.

Lumber Products:

  • SPF Studs
    • S4S EE 2×3
    • S4S EE 2×4
    • S4S EE 2×6
  • SPF Boards
    • S2S1E
    • S4S

The Best Lumber for Your Project

Sinclar Group takes care of family, the community and the environment. If you are looking for a forestry company that cares about the environment, Sinclar is for you. For more information about their products, visit Lampert Lumber today.