Types of Engineered Wood


New construction of a house/Framed New Construction of a House/Building a new house from the ground up

Regardless of your project, EWP can be customized to your needs. This can save time, resources, and money.

Floor Trusses

Interior framing of a new house under construction

Floor trusses are needed to create the multi-level residential and commercial structures.


Pine whole section timbers combined by the mountain, ready to sending on timber mill

Glulam is a great solution to create any kind of beams, from straight beams to complex and curved.



I-joists have immense strength and will not bend, split or bow like other types of lumber.


carpenter at work with wooden  roof construction

Laminated strand lumber (LSL) can be adapted for a number of construction uses and applications.


Stack of wood floor samples isolated on white

LVL resists shrinking, warping and splitting to support the structure of your construction project.

Particle Board

Large kitchen in luxury home with dark wood cabinetry

Particle board is popular because it is dense and has the same look as hardwood, but is more affordable.


Construction Worker Building Timber Frame In New Home

PSL has been engineered to support heavy loads and to span long distances.

Roof Trusses

Group of the workers on a background of the sky

Roof trusses are engineered to support the space above a room and the whole roof itself.