Silestone Countertops

Lampert Lumber is proud to provide our customers with the top brand name countertops for all of your building and remodeling needs. Whether you are contractor, home builder, architect, craftsman or otherwise, our lumber yards are a treasure trove of industrial supplies, tools and other building materials. The only problem you may come across is trying to decide which product to choose.

We have been in the industry for over 100 years and understand the importance of finding the best countertop surfaces. From commercial to residential projects, Silestone countertops are a phenomenal choice. Silestone is known for its extreme durability and resilience, as it is made up of 94 percent quartz.

Why Silestone?

Silestone is the leading producer of high-quality quartz surfaces and it shows. For superior kitchens and bathroom countertops, Silestone is the brand many rely on. Silestone is very versatile, as it has a great selection of bold, beautiful and trendy colors. With a wide range of textures from polished, to suede, to volcano and more, we guarantee you will find the style you’re looking for.

Silestone is resistant to:

  • Stains – It is non-porous material so it doesn’t absorb stains.
  • Acid – Quartz is extremely durable and resistant to acid.
  • Scratches and Impact – Because it’s one of the hardest minerals, it is resistant to wear and tear.

More Benefits of Silestone

Silestone also boast its specially formulated bacteriostatic protection. This was developed by Cosentino and is created by the use of silver ions to help prevent the propagation of bacteria.

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