25 October 2019

Finding the Right Interior and Exterior Doors for Your Home

Doors for Every Function

Doors are a significant and essential component of a home. They allow entry into other spaces, offer privacy and protection from the weather and intruders, and can influence design, providing great aesthetics. When considering what kind of door to buy, it is important to look at the brand, style, size, and functionality. At Lampert Lumber, we carry the best quality doors for your exterior, interior, garage, and patio area. 

Exterior Doors 

When people arrive to a home for the first time, the front door is almost always the focal point. Exterior doors serve several different purposes. Installing a functional door is important for weather-related reasons and safety. Doors with proper insulation can help keep warm air inside during the cold months, as well as cool air inside when the summer heat arrives. They must also be durable when there is rain, snow, wind, etc. A front door shows off the personality of both the homeowner and the home itself with its style, type, and color. 

Interior Doors 

Interior doors are used in homes to separate privates spaces. These spaces often include bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, basements, garages, and more. We provide a selection of interior doors that can show off one’s sense of style, while also keeping insulation in mind, like our paneled, flush, French, molded, louvred, and pocket doors.

Garage Doors 

A garage can serve as a multi-purpose space. Garages can store cars, washers and dryers, as well as miscellaneous items. They can be your personal hideaway, game room, home office, or project haven. Having a garage door, for however you utilize the space, can protect what is on the inside. Some of our great selections of garage doors include roll up sectionals, swing out, swing up, and carriage. 

Patio Doors 

Enjoy your backyard or deck with a patio door. They offer easy convenience to the outside, especially on the days when the weather is permitting. You can choose from different door frame options such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Want to match the style of your home? No problem. We carry sliding doors made of large glass panels, swinging doors with an unobscured view, and folding doors that can be opened up into your backyard. 

Storm Doors 

Prepare for inclement weather by installing storm doors. These doors are imperative to have to prevent water leaking into your home from both rain and snow. They can also serve as a protective layer so your home’s interior stays warm and temperature-controlled, especially during the winter months. Our variety of storm doors include frame materials, interchangeable screens, screen lengths and styles, and different types of glass. 

Choose From A Selection of Doors at Lampert Lumber

The experts at Lampert Lumber are ready to help you select the right type of door for your next interior or exterior project. Whether it be a patio door, bathroom door, bedroom door, or garage door, we offer doors that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for your entryway. Make an impression on your guests. Be the talk of the town. Swing by one of our 33 Midwest locations to view our collection of beautiful and purposeful doors.

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