view of a wood foundation
23 April 2013

What Is a Permanent Wood Foundation?

view of a wood foundation

It is exactly that, a basement under your house made from treated lumber. Wood foundations are usually constructed from southern yellow pine framing members because of its superior strength and uniform treatability. There are several reasons to choose a permanent wood foundation.

  1. It can make for a simpler schedule for your house building as your carpenter can build it. There is no need to schedule a masonry company to build a basement.
  2. It can be built in as little as one day by a small crew. As soon as it is built and sheathed, construction can begin on the floor system.
  3. Wood foundations are generally more comfortable than their masonry counterpart. The wood framing makes it easier to install fiberglass batts or spray foam insulation.
  4. Wood basements are much easier to finish off since all the studwork is already in place. Wiring, plumbing, and heating are all easier to install. They are also much more convenient if you ever want to remodel your basement.


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