The Best Colors to Paint Your Front Door

25 July 2015

The Best Colors to Paint Your Front Door


Your front door gives your home a bit of personality. You tell the world quite a bit about your family’s personality by the design of your door and the color that you paint it. It is a nice way to make your front door stand out and welcome your family members or visitors when they come into your home. Take a look at some of these beautiful colors from Valspar and what they say about your home.

Starfire Red

This vibrant red has a deep richness and warmth to it. It is a color that exudes brilliance and charm. It is welcoming without being jarring which makes it an elegant accent to any home. Red is a color that generally pairs well with other colors and is eye-catching. This lovely red adds some personality to your home without being overpowering.

Navy Night

This deep, almost violet blue adds a level of refinement to the home. It is a classic choice for any home. It works very well when the home is painted white or a gray tone. It also has a bit of a sense of Americana. This blue brings a sense of calmness and relaxation right before someone is about to enter your home.

Greek Villa

If you want to go for something bold and brilliant. This sunny yellow adds a bright accent for any home. However, because it is so brilliant, you need to be careful what other colors you pair it with. We recommend that you also choose darker, warm metal tones for the hardware on a door that is painted this color. This is a welcoming color that adds so much fun and happiness to a front door. It makes a much more of a statement than the mentioned colors. If you think that Greek Villa is too bold, look at a bit of a lighter yellow like Happy Stroll.

Vogue Green

Vogue Green complements the natural beauty of nature. It is a deep forest green that works well with the design of any home. It is a charming, rich color that adds a sense of serenity and depth to any front door. It looks stunning with lighter gold-colored hardware.

Crisp Air

This light blue has just a hint of gray. This makes it a lovely choice for any front door. It is reminiscent of clouds. It’s light, airy quality makes your home look like the haven that you always dreamed of having. This blue will give your home a bit of a whimsical look while still being classic.

If you are not feeling like painting your door a vibrant color, you may consider bringing out the natural beauty of a wood front door by staining it. There are a number of stains, from brands such as Cabot, that have been created just for exterior use. Make your home your own by creating a front door that complements the unique personality of your family and is welcoming to everyone that comes to stop by.


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