25 December 2018

Simple DIY Home Improvement Options

family-working-together-to-paint-homeHome Improvement Help for the Holidays

While you may not feel like you belong on a home improvement network, there are plenty of DIY home improvement options that anyone can pull off. If you want to spruce up your home in simple ways that won’t take long or cost a ton, head to your hardware store for some supplies and get started. Here are a few simple DIY ideas.

Freshen Up A Room With New Paint

Anyone can paint and if you have a room that is looking old and tired, a fresh coat in a new color might be all it needs. To cut down costs and time even further, pick a bold paint color and use it just on one wall. The other walls can stay neutral and the one wall will say plenty about your style.

Change Cabinet Pulls

Anyone with a screwdriver and a little time can take off old cabinet hardware and replace them with new ones. For the cost of a few dollars per knob, you can give your kitchen a whole new look. Updating your kitchen’s style can be that simple.

Build Raised Flower Beds

If it’s the exterior of your house that needs a finishing touch, consider building some raised garden beds. It’s simply enough to screw together pieces of lumber and add landscape fabric to prevent weeds. You can plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, or anything else you want and make your home look nicer at the same time.

Switch Switch Plate Covers

If your switch plates over your light switches are old, boring, and beige or white, you might want to look through the options available for replacements. You can get antique brass, vibrant graphics, any color, or something wild and creative. You could even get more creative and remove old switch plates and cover them with decorative wall paper or fabric yourself for a change.

Lay Down Vinyl Tiles

If you have an old, unattractive floor in your house and you just don’t have the money to have something expensive professionally put in, you can get peel and stick vinyl tiles and do it yourself in a matter of hours. There are patterns that look like stone, wood, or even metal and the look can completely transform a room.

Paint Cabinets

If you have wood cabinets that are starting to go out of style, take the doors down, paint the frames, and then paint the doors and replace them. Refacing cabinets doesn’t take all that long and anyone with a little time and the right paint color can do it. You can turn your kitchen around from something old and out of style into something new and modern.

Check Out The Home Improvement Options

If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your home yet, but you have a hankering to put some kind of DIY home improvements into action, wander the aisle at Lampert Lumber for ideas. When you talk to our professionals, you can even get help with the design and many other elements for your project.