picture of a house that has been house wrapped
13 November 2012

Protecting Your Home from Cold Weather

picture of a house that has been house wrapped

What is House Wrap?

It is a weather-resistant barrier which helps keep rain from getting into your exterior wall. It also lets water vapor transfer to the exterior. Moisture buildup between studs can cause mold and rot, this also can accumulate in insulation causing a reduced R-value.

Image of kick out flashing

What is Kick-out Flashing?

It is flashing where a sloped roof meets an up and down wall. It is placed on the end of this run to help water from getting behind siding or running past a rain gutter. It is L shaped and applied behind other flashing and overlapped by a weather resistant material. Ice/Water membrane is also needed behind and under flashings when heavy rain/snow cause overflow to protect the roof/wall connection.

Image of flexible flashing

What is Flexible Flashing?

It is a self stick membrane that is easy to shape for inside/outside corner application. It is also used to cover a window nailing flange. Both are a peel and stick application. Ice/Water membrane are made to self seal when nailed thru. Window wrap is made to create airtight seal when applied correctly and eliminates the need to caulk the outside window flange.

Man installing a Sill Pan

What is Sill Pan?

It is a flashing used to help prevent damage from window and door leaks. It is made from material that doesn’t rust or corrode. It is placed on the rough opening of windows/doors and also helps prevent condensation from hot/cold air transfers.


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