25 July 2018

Preventative Maintenance Tips For Wood Flooring

beautiful-looking-hardwood-floorsMaking Wood Flooring Last Longer

No matter where you place wood flooring, it’s going to give you a classic, elegant beauty that no other flooring can provide. That being said, you have to maintain the wood flooring over the years for that beauty to continue. Use these tips to help your wood flooring look and feel as gorgeous years from now as it does after it is first installed.

Tip 1: Create A Cleaning Routine

One of the best maintenance tips you can get and follow is to preserve the quality of your floors by getting into a cleaning routine. It’s a household chore and it’s not always fun, but maintaining a cleaning habit on a regular basis will keep the duties from piling up. Sweep and dust the dirt from the floors on a daily basis to prevent scratches and get rid of allergens in the home.

Tip 2: Keep Sharp Objects Free From The Wood Flooring

There are plenty of sharp things that can come up against your floors and you need to minimize that whenever possible. Try not to drop scissors or knives and keep pets’ nails clipped. Take off your high heels before you walk on the floor and avoid other sharp items around the wood flooring.

Tip 3: Avoid UV Exposure

Any wood flooring is going to be exposed to the sun from time to time. You don’t want your home to be dark and closed off at all times. But if you can keep the UV rays off the flooring during the peak sunlight hours, or keep the blinds closed when you are home, you will be able to preserve the color of your wood flooring for much longer.

Tip 4: Protect As Necessary

You’re going to have furniture and other items on top of the wood flooring, but you can prevent scuffs and scratches by putting pads under the legs of anything that might get moved and damage the floor in the process.

Tip 5: Act Fast

Any time something happens to the floor, like an unexpected spill, act fast to get things cleaned up to prevent stains and lasting effects. Use the right cleaning supplies and tools to keep the wood flooring in the best possible condition.

Get Wood Flooring Today

Wood flooring is durable, hard, allergen resistant and, above all else, highly beautiful. If you want your wood flooring to last in its peak condition, you have to care for it. Careful maintenance will help your wood flooring give you the performance you want long-term. If you’re ready to put in wood flooring, or you need help re-sealing your current wood floors to restore them to their former glory, contact Lampert Lumber for help. We have the know-how and wood flooring details you need to make sure your wood floors are everything you want them to be and then some. Call us with maintenance questions, restoration needs, or installation options. We’re here to get you the wood flooring you’ve always wanted in any room that needs a lovely floor.