25 July 2019

Kitchen Countertop Trends to Watch in 2019

Countertop Trends To Consider

If you are getting new kitchen countertops, you want something that suits your family lifestyle, but also something that will raise your home’s value and go along with the current trends. The thing about trends is that they tend to come and go. So while you may want something trendy, you will also likely want something timeless and classic that will last you as the years past. The countertop is an essential part of any kitchen: it is the center point of the room’s décor and also takes a lot of the wear and tear within the space. You want the right countertop to set the feel and tone of the room. Here are a few trends in countertops this year that are here to stay.


Quartz Isn’t Going Anywhere

Quartz came onto the market as a higher-end alternative to granite, which is a natural rock that dominated the countertop scene for years. Quartz, on the other hand, is durable and attractive and isn’t porous like granite can be. It doesn’t breed bacteria and can help you to keep your kitchen nice and clean. Plus, it’s valuable, beautiful and does not have to go through regular re-sealing. With the variety in colors, patterns, and finishing options, quartz can mimic the look of natural stone, with many added benefits.

The Honed Finish

In the past, kitchen countertops were highly polished for a shiny finish. Today, the honed look is more popular. Honed and leather surfaces are much more common this year and they are being applied to everything from granite to marble and quartz. Polished finishes are still popular, but there are advantages to a honed finish as well. This matte look has less shine and a lower sheen. It helps to conceal flaws that might occur over the years, like scratches or marks. The honed look shows the stone’s natural colorings more and gives it a sophisticated look. 

Using Veining For Character

While most natural stone, like marble, is unique from piece to piece, homeowners are using the veining and unique characteristics within any one slab as a way to add character to the space. Any stone will come with a wide variety of patterns and the exact veining you go with can make a big difference. The more natural the veining in your countertop stone looks, the better. The varied finishes and veining can turn your kitchen into a one-of-a-kind showstopper living space for anyone who visits.

Neutral Tones

In the past, the countertops were used as a contrast and a shock of color in the space. Today, blending the counters with a neutral, more natural-looking tone is the on-trend thing to do. Instead of a black countertop in a modern kitchen, you’d go with white or off-white.

Kitchen Sink Style

The kitchen sink is another important, central item in the space and today, using the countertop to enhance its style is very popular. Oversized sinks are popular and some homeowners take the countertop down into the sink to give the space a cohesive look. Even if you get a different material for the sink, consider an apron front sink to show more of the countertop in the space.

Ge The Right Kitchen Countertops

Beyond styles and trends within 2019, what you really want is the right countertop material and design for your kitchen. You can get the help you need starting with the options and running all the way through installation with the experts at Lampert Lumber.

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